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Our comprehensive dry-cleaning services will help you live a cleaner and easier life.
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More than 15 Years of Experience

Melanie Cleaners and Alterations- A Haven for your clothes

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For some people, wearing clean clothing every day might be therapeutic, but for others, it can be a nightmare. It can be challenging to maintain our schedules uncluttered when our time is divided between job, family, and social activities.

This is where Melanie Cleaners and Alterations come in, ensuring you get fresh clothes everyday to make a great start. Our dry clean services are designed to provide freshly laundered dry cleaned garments to the customers, boosting up their productivity for the day and making them presentable in every aspect of their lives.

  • Organic and Eco-friendly cleaning
  • Gentle cleaning agents and softeners
  • Best price in town
  • Prevents fading, wear and tear
Special care
Every item that is submitted to our dry cleaners is in the hands of experts who will treat your clothes with the utmost care.
Dry clean in a few clicks
With our best price in town, you can avail lucrative offers, and quick tickets for the order, so you won't need to bother about washing or dry cleaning ever again.
Simple & reliable payments
Use your smartphone to securely process your payments under your own control. You can pay through cash, debit card, credit card, Apple pay or any of your convenient payment option.
[ Our Comprehensive Services ]

Dry Cleaning & Laundry,
Alteration & More..

Alterations & Repairs

Make the most of your outfit by our alteration and repair services.

Gown preservation

Maintain your glorious D-day gown that make you a style icon with our gown preservation services.

Laundry Services

Get laundered clothes by rendering our quality and affordable services.

Leather and suede cleaning Services

We handle almost any of the numerous problems that might arise with leather, including scuffs, die loss, and fading.

Household items cleaning Services

We offer expert cleaning services for all the materials that make your home a home, including tablecloths, towels, and comforters.

Press Service

Shine and style through crips clothing by enrolling our steam iron services.

Smoke/Odor removal Services

Smoke and unpleasant odor from pets, clothes, upholstery that is covered up for so long become intolerable.

Stuffed Animal & Toys Cleaned or Repaired Services

We have spent more than a decade producing, mending, and giving stuffed animals new life and love.

Dry Cleaning Services

Pamper your favorite clothes, upholstery with our dry-cleaning services.

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How do we work?

Garments are then dry cleaned using a special internationally standard clear solution which removes dirt and grease safely from the most delicate and sensitive fabrics. They are dried using temperatures appropriate to the type of garment and in conjunction with any recommendation from the manufacturer's care label instructions.

Our dry cleaners pressed the garments, giving those crisp clear pleats and creases that signify a dry cleaned garment. Garments are steam formed to restore body and shape and remove wrinkles. Garments are given a final inspection and prepared for collection.

Get Service Now
Get Service Now
All you need is to drop-off your clothes and spend quality time for what you love to do.
Dry clean experts
The entire dry clean process is executed by dry cleaners, expert in cleaning and pressing.
Value added services
We wash, pack and bundle your clothes so you can have organized closets and drawers.
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Trusted Dry cleaning Service

Our Approach

You have more time for your favorite activities thanks to our dry clean cleaning service. Put socks, jeans, shirts, shorts, and more in your drop off dry clean bag. Your clothing will be cleaned, and we'll deliver it back cleaned and prepared for storage in a drawer.

Our comprehensive dry clean services go beyond a laundromat that just washes your clothes. When you submit your clothes to Melanie Cleaners, you are sure to get the result of clean and tidy clothes, that makes your look presentable and confident.

One-stop shop
You can get comprehensive services including dry clean, dry cleaning, alteration, and shoe press to look presentable and sophisticated all time.
Enhance your productivity by leaving all time-consuming tasks with us. We clean, press and arrange your clothes so you don’t have to bother about your dry clean tasks.
Organized closet
With our dry clean services, you simply need to collect your clothes and organize them in your closet just by hanging them.
[ Our Testimonials ]

Organic dry cleaning, General bedding cleaning, Clothing alterations & repairs

In the last two months at this location I've had a down comforter cleaned, two wool shirts with small holes repaired, a set of bedsheets with small holes repaired (our cat's claws tore them!), and 8-10 clothing items dry cleaned, including a goose down jacket and a vintage sweater. They've always done a great job and are very pleasant to deal with. Everything comes back neatly pressed and with a very light nice scent.

I noticed this week (end of January 2023) they have new people running the store. It's a younger couple who took over from a family member, and they are working to modernize and improve the services. We had a nice chat and I'll continue to go to them for my cleaning and repairs.

- Audra Heaslip.

[ Our Testimonials ]

Very Pleased. Will Definitely be Back.

Manish was amazing! He did a great job and has top quality customer service. He has made sure we have all our suits ready for our event!

Services: Organic dry cleaning, Laundry pick-up, Clothes pressing, Special care fabric cleaning, Eco-friendly cleaning, Industrial laundry, Ironing

- Robbin Simpkins

[ Our Testimonials ]

Excellent and Superb Customer Service

I recently started using Melanie's Miracle for my dry cleaning needs, and I have to say that I'm very impressed. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and they really seem to care about their customers. They always take the time to answer any questions I have and make sure that I'm happy with the service.

But what I appreciate most about Melanie's Miracle is the quality of their work. Every item I've had cleaned has come back looking great, with no damage or issues. I feel like I can trust them to take care of my clothing and keep it looking its best.

Overall, I highly recommend Melanie's Miracle for anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy dry cleaner. They truly are a miracle!

Services: Couches/sofas, Leather & suede cleaning, Laundry pick-up, Clothes pressing, Delivery

- Gioia Engineering

[ Our Testimonials ]

The Quality of Work Was Excellent!

Great Service and customer service experience.

- Anita FranklinIll